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Who are SentrySIS?

Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) is a Yorkshire-based company who have been working with Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) in the region for over 4 years.  SentrySIS was initially developed for use by Business Against Crime in Leeds (BACIL), the BCRP for Leeds.

Sentry Secure Intelligence System (SentrySIS) enables business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) to adopt a secure, proactive, online and fully paperless solution to combat crime and anti-social behaviour committed against business within the UK.

The system allows for timely sharing of images of those individuals who commit crime against businesses in Essex.

The need to improve information sharing

Timely and efficient information sharing around those who commit crime against business, is an important contribution towards reducing crime. SentrySIS allows CCP members to do this.

Retail Crime in Essex

Shoplifting crime is one of the only crime types in which Essex is not seeing a slow long-term reduction. Rather, there has been a 5% increase in reported crimes over the last financial year. Around 2/3rds of shoplifting in Essex is detected either through an arrest or other from of police disposal. The total individuals in the prolific offending group, who are repeatedly arrested for shoplifting has fallen month on month over the last year, reflecting the cities success at dealing with prolific shoplifters. The number of first-time shoplifting offenders who do not come back to the police’s attention within the twelve months after offending has been increasing. The theft of foodstuffs is a higher proportion of goods stolen over the last year than in previous years.


CCP can be adopted by Community Safety Partnerships (CSP), Business Improvement Districts (BID) or Businesses Against Crime (BAC) organisations either in full under the CCP branding OR white labelled under a district's existing scheme branding. Some districts may like to set up a Dispatcher Console in your own Control Room. All of this and more is possible.  


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