PTTi are a strategic partner of CCP, giving our radios a virtually limitless range utilising access to the international LTE network...  


Established in 2007 Push To Talk International is the largest supplier of POC services in the UK, with customers ranging from Bus Companies, to Football Stadiums, to Hospitals, to Hotel Chains, to Local Government, to Parking Enforcement and many more.


For many years companies looking to connect with their teams had little choice but to use dedicated, expensive and limited private mobile radio systems. These options could only offer a compromise; on security, on radio coverage, on capacity and on the need to invest heavily before they had made the first call on yet another dedicated device. Push to Talk International sweep away these compromises. Wherever your teams are located we can reach them, with almost infinite capacity and clear, fast digital speech. We don’t think you need to compromise any longer. Our team is passionate about group communications. We don’t compromise and neither should you.

First ever company to supply POC services.

All our company Senior personnel, including our MD; CTO and Software Developers have over 30 years’ experience in the radio industry.

Our Servers are housed in a Tier 1, Equinix facility at Canary Wharf.

Our Canary Wharf Servers do have a ‘Hot’ Standby facility, but we are also looking to build on that resilience by setting up a back-up facility with an Equinix Tier 1 facility in Manchester.

We have a direct Access Point Name (APN) into the cellular networks, which offers a secure, resilient service with a higher ‘Air Interface Priority’; that means, even on a congested site, your communications are more likely to get through.

We have an IPSEC VPN tunnel connection into the Internet, which offers a secure, resilient and very high QoS.

We are only one of 6 suppliers in the world and the only one in the UK that are accredited with the global standards body, OMAPOC (3GPP).

We’re the largest supplier of this technology in the UK with almost 8K users.

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CCP can be adopted by Community Safety Partnerships (CSP), Business Improvement Districts (BID) or Businesses Against Crime (BAC) organisations either in full under the CCP branding OR white labelled under a district's existing scheme branding. Some districts may like to set up a Dispatcher Console in your own Control Room. All of this and more is possible.   


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