Two years of Statistics for CLACTON-ON-SEA show two types of Offender: (1) Local Prolific Offenders and (2) Regional Organised Gangs...


Regional Organised Gangs tend to have a modus operandi of 'quick in and out' and we later hear on the CCP Radio that a shelf is empty or an entire rack of expensive clothes has gone missing. That is not to say that we do not have occassional sucess in catching them and the high value of the theft always commands a police response.

Sadly with Local Prolific Offenders there seems to be never-ending cycle of arrests, relaease and a Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO) if we're lucky, but even then a 999 Call alerting the Police of a breach does not necessarily mean they have the manpower to attend. This means that we need to dial 101 to report the breach, which in turn will require CCTV as Evidence and the Stock may still have been lost. There is therefore much talk amongst Business Crime Reduction Partnerships about Training Security Guards and Members to recognise different Offences that are a higher priority for the Police to attend. For example:

  • The use if violence or the threat of violence in order to carry out a Theft makes the charge is Robbery
  • If an Offender is issued with a properly worded Banning Letter, then if they return to the premises they will be a Trespasser and if their intention is steal (or attempt to steal) the charge would be Burgulary.
  • If an Offender takes with him any article for use in the course of a Theft or Burgulary they can be charged with Going Equipped.

CCP can be adopted by Community Safety Partnerships (CSP), Business Improvement Districts (BID) or Businessess Against Crime (BAC) organisations either in full under the CCP branding OR white labelled under a district's existing scheme branding.

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