The businesses that make up our high streets are a major part of our districts identities. They are run by families or employ our friends so protecting them is of substantial public interest. CCP provides the tools for the prevention and detetion of crime...

COUNTER CRIME PARTNERSHIP is a next generation Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) with our own radio and information network for retailers, entertainment venues and organisations; aiming to build local working relationships and link communities. Every Town Centre or Retail Park has its own channel. All channels are monitored simultaneously by a Dispatcher who can relay information between groups, transfer users to 999 or merge channels in the event of a major incident. 


STEP 1 - Join CCP with our Flagship TE 590 Radio including SentrySIS for just *£35.16 plus VAT per month.

STEP 2 - Compliantly share Intelligence with other Members, including images.

STEP 3 - Report Crime to the wider community and save Police Time time by creating an MG11 Witness Statement accessed from the Police Station.     


* Full Price List available from our Downloads Page.


Working with former Scotland Yard Control Room Chief Inspector, Steve Benn, who was on the team that rolled out Airwave/Tetra to the Metropolitan Police and using the same technology as the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), CCP Radios have nationwide coverage so equipment for new CCP schemes can be deployed immediately.

CCP can be adopted by Community Safety Partnerships (CSP), Business Improvement Districts (BID) or Businesses Against Crime (BAC) organisations either in full under the CCP branding OR white labelled under a district's existing scheme branding. Some districts may like to set up a Dispatcher Console in your own Control Room. All of this and more is possible.  


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